Many of you have expressed interest regarding the storage of our cheeses. Here is the long and short of it:


  1. The cheese is sent to you from our caves ready for consumption. The cheese arrives to you in a special cheese paper designed to keep the cheese in optimal condition for 2-3 weeks upon arrival. Simply put your cheese in the refrigerator (in their original cheese paper) when they arrive.

  2. When you are ready to eat the cheese, take the portion you wish to consume out of its paper and temper it for about two hours. Always re-wrap the remainder of the cheese in its original paper or wax paper and put it back in a plastic container in the fridge. Remember that cheese is a living organism, with enzymes and bacteria that need air and moisture to survive. Thus, treating the cheese in this way will create a nice micro-environment and is our suggested storage treatment.

  3. If you accidentally throw out the original paper the cheese was wrapped in (slap yourself!), wax paper will suffice.

  4. Finally, we suggest that you open the container and flip the cheese often to allow air to periodically circulate. The container will keep fridge food smells and odors out of the cheese and conversely keep cheese smells out of your fridge.

  5. NEVER use plastic wrap! (no wire hangers!)