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We are now in the midst of our Private Party Mania!

We are currently booking private parties in our dining room for 6-10 people

5 Course Tasting Menu with 5 Wine Pairings

Our dining room, all to yourselves

$150 per person

~Let us know~

Wine Seminars also offered! Here at the restaurant!

Send us an email at

View our current featured wine selections


We are offering limited menu items this summer~

Please email us to find out what we have! 


***Just arrived from Switzerland***

Rolf Beeler Fondue for Four with Baguette 40.

(This its absolutely the best Artisanal Fondue available)


Sample Charcuterie Plate ~ Duck Pastrami, VT Pimentón Salami and Coppa Serrana, Served with Spicy Nuts and Pickles 21.

Remedy Cheese Plate ~ 3 Varieties and Our Condiments 21.


Baguette, Your Choice of Frozen or Baked 4.


DESSERTS FOR 8 PEOPLE (48 hour notice)

Gâteau Nantais-Rum Soaked Butter and Almond Cake

Torta di Nocciole-Hazelnut Torte

Reine du Nil-Flourless Dark Chocolate and Almond Torte

Salame del Papa-Cocoa Hazelnut "Salami"



To order, email us at:

View our growing wine list and descriptions here!


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