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A Little Taste of Southern Italy

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

~ from our November 2019 Newsletter ~

Red wine splashing in glass

We are back in action. Did you ever doubt it? We had the most incredible and successful summer, thanks to you! And you! And you! After offering the best of the Loire, we segued down south (and changed languages) in order to feature the wines and food of Southern Italy, including Sicily and Sardegna... to a resounding Bravissimo! We continue our Italian menu items and wines through the rest of the Fall, before we get into our favorite cold weather fare. There will be some repeats from our hit parade, as well as some new additions. Stay tuned! And a final thank you for the year to all the people who embraced our outdoor patio idea! Finally, lunch in the sun in Jacksonville.

Sicilia wine map

Lava. Not your usual torchlight parade... We are now featuring the best of Southern Italy and the Islands (Sicily and Sardegna). Come and experience the "explosive" wines of Mt. Etna DOC, classic Cerasuolo di Vittoria, massive, dense and chewy Taurasi and Irpinia (Campania), sumptuous Passito di Pantelleria and a bone-dry sparkler from Noto (Eloro DOC). These wines are not to be missed!

They are all organic, and many of the vines are 100-140 years old, being produced by world class artisans. Come and fall in love with these varietals and the beautiful menu that we've prepared.

N'duja Polpette (meat balls) with sugo (sauce) and Fregola

Mama's meatballs! Well, mine, really. We add a bit of Calabrian spice to our traditional meatball blend-N'duja, that amazing spicy, spreadable chorizo style sausage. Served over a bed of Fregula, a wonderful toasted tiny pasta from Sardinia. And yes, tomato sauce!

Mussels with Maionese Zafferano and Garlic Toast

Yes, back by popular demand: our chilled mussels with Saffron (grown in Sicily, by the way) Mayonnaise and garlic toast. The only thing left on the plate are the shells. (hey, we did give you an extra plate for those!)

We have fired up the ol' cheese vat after a short hiatus, and are beginning to accumulate your favorites. The young ones (St Em, Daffodil, Fromage Blanc (truffle and maple) for starters, and Cabinbert and Grappino soon to appear at a Spoonwood Cabin near you! There's a new one as well: Cendré, a firm and slightly nutty Loire specialty aged (buried!) in wood ash. You will not find this cheese anywhere else!

nancy flipping cheese, remedy wine bar vermont


Remedy Wine Bar is open Fridays & Saturdays, 5:30-close.

Reservations: 802 659-4480 or Spoonwood Cabin Wine and Cheese Shop is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4:00.

dogs sleeping on the couch

Get off the couch and come on down! Please.

3090 VT Route 100 Jacksonville, VT 05342

If after you join us you feel the urge to write us a review, we'd really appreciate it. And we thank all of you who have already contributed to our 5 Star Club!

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