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We Are Finally Back and Open This Weekend!

~ from our May 2019 Newsletter ~

Next stop, The Loire Valley----- aaaaaall abooooooard!

Map of Loire Valley France

The Loire Valley is home to over 4000 wineries that produce a dizzying array of elegant, exceptional, yet undervalued wines. There are racy whites, refreshing rosés, reds that favor fruit over force, and sumptuous sweet and sparkling wines that rival neighboring Champagne. Please come and experience all the best wine styles and many varietals the Loire has to offer: Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadet. We will represent!

OK, this is a stock pic, till we get our very own Spoonwood Cabin Organic Cow's Milk Feta ready for its photo shoot this weekend...Baked Feta with honey, olive oil and thyme. Simple, Hot, Delicious. 

Call or email for reservations! 

802-659-4480 or


Pork Rillettes, Loire specialty, Poires Tapees (dried pears in Chinon

One of the Loire Valley's most iconic recipes: Pork Rillettes!

A sumptuous, chunky pâté served with our version of another Loire specialty, Poires Tapées (Dried pears) in Chinon. 

Gâteau Nantais; a delicious almond cake soaked in rum and blanketed in a rum glaze.

From the historic port of the Loire,

Nantes, comes this beautiful Gâteau Nantais; a delicious almond cake soaked in rum and blanketed in a rum glaze. 

Next week, class: 

Noble Rot Grapes and why you should know your sublime dessert wines! (from the Loire, of course).


Remedy Wine Bar is open Fridays and Saturdays, 5:30-close

Reservations: 802 659-4480 or Spoonwood Cabin Wine and Cheese Shop is open Saturdays and Sundays, 12-4:30

If, after you join us you feel the urge to write us a review, we'd really appreciate it. And we thank all of you who have already contributed to our 5 Star Club!

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