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Serving Up Wines from the Loire Valley

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

~ from our June 2019 Newsletter ~

Champaign bottle popping open, cork flying, sparks

Can you believe it? This weekend marks the first year anniversary of Remedy Wine Bar.

You have all made this endeavor an incredible experience for us, and we hope the feeling is mutual! We will be celebrating all month with some appropriate bubbly on arrival, segueing into the most amazing Loire Valley wines and delicious traditional cuisine. French, that is. Pâtés, Rillettes, Rum Cakes, oh my!

our menu of wines from the Loire Valley at Remedy Wine Bar

As you know, we are experiencing (and sharing) the incredible Loire Valley in all its viticultural beauty. This central region is best imagined as a long ribbon with crisp, vibrant, mouthwatering white wines at either end, and fuller wines and styles in the middle. Beginning with succulent Sauvignon Blanc, elegant Pinot Noir, a unique and natural Gamay, and bold, aromatic, full-bodied Cabernet Francs (the only area in the world specializing in this grape) Then we arrive at the great chameleon, Chenin Blanc. Come taste that grape in all its forms; bone-dry sparkling, Sec, Demi-Sec and ending with Moelleux, a rare sublime, sumptuous, sweet, golden, honeyed elixir of the Gods. Did we have you at "Loire”?

asparagus with Gribache sauce served at Remedy Wine Bar in Vermont

Oh, the French sauces...Gribiche, in this case. It's a vinaigrette--it's a mayonnaise. It's two treats in one! Mr. Escoffier (King of the French Sauce) could explain it more thoroughly. Suffice it to say it sings on steamed local asparagus with a morsel or two of our Spoonwood Cabin Feta cake. 

Beet salad with Spoonwood Cabin goat cheese at Remedy Wine Bar

Another refreshing, new favorite: Roasted beets with pickled onions and horseradish crème fraîche. The sweet, organic beets blend beautifully with the tangy onions and bracing horseradish. They don't call The Loire "the Garden of France" for nothing.

French wines served at Remedy Wine Bar


Remedy Wine Bar is open Fridays & Saturdays, 5:30-close

Reservations: 802-659-4480 or

Spoonwood Cabin Wine and Cheese Shop is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4:30

If after you join us you feel the urge to write us a review, we'd really appreciate it. And we thank all of you who have already contributed to our 5 Star Club!

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